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ct_lims's Journal

Catherine Tate Last Icon Maker Standing Community
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01. You have to be a member of the community to participate in our challenges. You can join here. We recommend friending the community to keep up when challenges start and end. :) Next step is signing up for Round One.

02. The first challenge will be issued on Sunday, August 30th. Then you will have ONE WEEK to submit your icon to the appropriate post. If you have not signed up and entered an icon before the voting for challenge one is posted, you won't be able to participate in Round One. You must enter every challenge until you are voted off (or you choose to drop out). If you miss a challenge, you'll be disqualified.

03. Each challenge one image will be provided and it will be the only one you will be allowed to use. You are allowed to use any brushes (text brushes are allowed), textures and stock photos. Any additional rules (if any) will be specified in the challenge post. As Catherine plays a variety of characters, we will use images from The Catherine Tate Show, Doctor Who, various films, TV, radio and public appearances etc.

04. Each participant is automatically given one skip. It's used when you aren't able to enter the current challenge. If you fail to submit an icon and you still have a skip left, then I'll use that. If you want to get one additional skip for free, please promote the community (in your journal post, in your profile,...) and comment here with the link.

05. All icons must be NEW and not shown anywhere. If I find your icon anywhere else before the voting is over, you will be disqualified. Obviously, all icons must fit the LJ standards (no more than 40kb and 100x100).

06. Icons should be submitted in the following format:


profile layout

community layout

07. Anyone with LJ account can vote. We don't allow anonymous comments.
08. If I find out you've told others to vote for you, your icon will be disqualified and banned.
09. The purpose of LIMS voting is to give constructive criticism. Personal opinions won't be tolerated and you will be asked to change your vote accordingly. Rudeness will NOT be tolerated.
10. All votes are screened until the voting results have been posted.
11. If you're not sure how a LIMS vote should and shouldn't look like, please see these guidelines by by chacusha, xenylamine and by arbuus for a general idea.

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